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September 09, 2008



They grow up so fast. *sniff* Godspeed, Papillon and Pete!


So um, aren't they just going to fly away like any minute now?

Now you know why I won't even get a cat!


Be afraid...be vewy afrwaid...


3 - Bwah. Mah babies. They never call.
.75 - I don't know. It depends on the messages they get from the great monarch signal tower in the sky. Monarch migration makes total sense to me now. They have no independent thoughts.
Sue - I was too afraid to drag them by their wings out of the cage. Friend 3 had to do it.


I've been enjoying the excitement and burgeoning thrills of pupation and all that. As for what you've hatched, do you watch The Venture Brothers? One of the "arch nemesis" characters is an unbalanced nebbish called THE MONARCH. "Taste the bitter sting - OF THE MONARCH!" "Like my namesake, the Monarch Butterfly, I HAVE MANY WAYS TO KILL!"

Plus, clones, beheadings, and characters with off-color names. Good stuff.


Dan (Hi Dan!) - No, I haven't seen it, but after reading the Wikipedia entry it sounds just up my alley. I always miss the Adult Swim block. I don't know why.


hey queen, howzit hangin'. The Ventures rock, and on a related topic, TiVo changed my life. And on an unrelated topic, I could really use a donut. And I'm not saying why.


Dan - It hangs low, dude, it hangs low. What type of donut? I'm assuming it's a hemorrhoid donut since you're being all coy.

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