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September 03, 2008



Could be worse. It could be Crotch Cancer.


Or you could be pregnant.

Congrats on the benign diagnosis.


This is all new to me, and leaves me with so many questions. Like - Do you get it from straining, or pressure on veins (that's why they come with pregnancy, I assume)? They developed quickly? What happens now? "Complaints evaporated" - does that mean you're ok now, I hope? No more bubblebaths? Eeeek!


All that stuff scares me and grosses me out. At least you had the guts to go to the gyn.


Oh, great. Something else to worry about.


I'm still not reconciled with needing 55 pairs of glasses to see anything.


With a title like that, I HAD to click. Glad you're ok!

Amy in StL

Holy crap! You can get them there too? So I always thought that my Spanx caused the ones on my thighs. Have you been binding your pudenda tightly? Wow, I can't even imagine the freakout I'd have.


You needed to read the instructions on your bottle of lube?


I won't complain about yeast infections anymore.

Erin G.

My dear...you never cease to fascinate me with this little factoids of life. This affliction is yet another thing I didn't know about until I read your blog.

Erin the Hypochondriac

(Also -- I am glad you are okay.)


This has nothing to do with anything except you need to see this picture. No, really, you do.


Scroll down. And then mock. Because, well, it's THERE.


3 - You are trying so hard not to be a Heartless Cow! Iss soo cuuuuute.
~Silk - Well, here's the deal: one symptom I didn't get around to telling the dr was that the water pressure pump attached to my bladder had failed. It took forever to go, so this last month I've gotten impatient and had to "push" things along ... just to save time. So I think that's really what caused it. And it just went away on its own - Unlike leg veins, I guess. I just looked and it's all gone, thanks be to the baby Jesus.
Becs - Well, I'd rather Gary look than look it right in the "eye" but I will if I have to.
Sherri - Keep your vulva active! That's the trick to avoiding it.
Shania - Thank you!
Amy in StL - No, in fact I just lost 12 pounds so my pants are loose.
TasterSpoon - Shutup! I had the same question everyone has, does it go on your or him or both.
JO - I thought it WAS a yeast infection. So, maybe ...
Erin G - There is also Vaginal Atrophy. I found out about that while researching this. Watch out.
Sherri - Oh, NO WAY is that real!


Wow. Who'd a thunk such a thing possible?


Magpie - Whoulda thunk this: I share my great shame and humliation and no one comments with "LOL." You all are getting wise.

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