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September 16, 2008



My BFF's hubby was supposed to go on that MS bike ride last week, but was sidelined with severe chest pains. It's PEs!


3 - Yikes! PE - is he on the blood thinners yet? Is there a PE bike ride I can go on?


hee! I love House also, and love the constant diagnoses of autoimmune diseases. I have one of the lesser-known dozens of them - Sjogren's Syndrome. Lots of fun MS-like symptoms, so every time I switch doctors they get the fun of freaking out about my MS and running all the tests on me again.

Nobody dies of Sjogren's, so I guess I'll never see it on House, but I keep hoping! It if happens, I'll feel like me and my immune system have hit the big time. :)


If not MS, it's Lupus. I haven't watched it yet. I can't wait to see if Wilson forgives him for killing his girlfriend.


It was still awesome last night, MS or no MS. And let's face it, at the end of almost every show, it's some parasite from an unnamed country that most people don't visit without mosquito netting.

But Wilson is mad at him. This makes my heart hurt.


I love House. Even when I don't understand what he's saying. I just wish they'd let him say it with his normal British accent.


Initially, House was supposed to be a wheeler himself. They weenied out and went with the cane.


And, in at least every other episode there's the Addison's differential. Addison's affects like 1 in 100,000 people (my husband has Addison's). Only once has he ever confirmed a diagnosis of Addison's, but ironically, his staff and Cuddy lied to him about the confirmation...

I'm in a clinical health care ethics program this semester, and can't help but applying this framework to House every night (now that it is on every night, it's much easier to a) do this every night and b) notice how often Addison's is mentioned.)


Cuddy has no heart! Asking if people have insurance...gah! She needs to take her cues from House...he just loves people so much ;) Seriously though, I heart that show. Good stuff.


Feh. One more reason for me not to watch House.

And which kind of MS is the fun kind, exactly? *scratches head*


My friend's boyfriend was diagnosed with MS earlier this week. I thought of you when I heard.


Annie - "Nobody dies of Sjogren's" - Um, sister-in-law Sandy grimly refers to it as her "possibly fatal illness." Her chiropracter thinks Sandy has it, but Sandy won't go get diagnosed.
Shania - I loved that line at the beginning of last season when the janitor says "Maybe Lupus?"
Candy - I am fascinated by the Wilson / House relationship. Any pair of men relating to each other is so unusual in my world.
Sue - Have you seen Jeeves and Wooster? Darling accents.
Becs - They couldn't have done all the pediconferencing in a wheelchair. But he could go around corners on one wheel, that would be cool.
Christy - I'll keep my out for that. Lupus, MS, Addisions.
Autumn - I know! A doctor who doesn't act like he cares, he just does his job. Yum!
Jammies - The whole quote essentially says that any type that isn't the rapid progressive one is good.
Melissa - Uh-oh. It's worse for men. Not always, though.


Annie.....you can die because of complications with Sjogrens. I have kidney failure because of Sjogrens and I am awaiting a transplant. It can affect other organs too that are not as easy to replace.


Vicy and Annie - (Hi Vicky - sorry about your illness. Hang in there.)Did you watch House this week? Covered Sgrogens. In depth.


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