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September 11, 2008



Good grief! I hope no one ignores the evacuation orders.


He'll be fine...the news people are usually bunkered up with the important city/emergency personnel so no worries about ya boy.

My parents are still in their little area. We stayed thru Hurricane Alicia...I think I was 3 but I remember there was no power and our neighbor's tree ended up on our neighbor's house. That was the worst damage that was done on our street.


We all face certain death. That's life.

Hope that cheers everyone up.


And the same stations warning about it are sending their people in. We discussed this at work today. Do the people who go in volunteer or are they assigned? We can see a producer deciding who's least liked in the office or who has the fewest relatives to face afterwards.

Big Dot

Anderson Cooper has woman's lips. Do you also have a soft spot for Johnny Depp?


Doesn't Andy look so manly in his tight t-shirt, cruising Houston? Surely no harm will befall him.


Shania - I think they said 5,000 people did.
Autumn - "bunkered up" - but Andy said they were "hunkered down." Which is it?
Zayrina - Well, it made me laugh.
Caroline - Everyone has explained they are hunkering in the big hotel in Galveston, which was built to withstand hurricane force winds and has moats, and high ground. So, I want to see footage of the big hurricane party there.
Big Dot - Not at all. But Anderson does has a pretty mouth. You know they say I'm closeted bi, right?
Becs - Manly but with those sweet little boy ears. Stop talking politics Andy! Let that hurricane wet your t-shirt.

Overflowing Brain

Hi! Feeing so special! As I understand it, it was a private levee that was mostly breached by Gustav. Much of Southern Louisiana didn't recover from Gustav before getting a lot of bands of Ike. Not good. However, my home, work, friends and everyone I know is fine.

Incidentally, I'm in California. And in case you wondered, don't ever get on a plane while in a tropical storm watch, especially if while the plane is off and people are boarding the winds are so strong that the plane is actually shifting side to side.

Holy crap.


Overflowing Brain - good - I thought you were off taking that test, but I know your house is still there.

Not a jet, I hope.

Overflowing Brain

Like a big ass 747 plane. Seriously. Wanted. to. die.

And seriously think I almost got my wish.

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