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September 27, 2008



The view from the Canadian side IS better.

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Caroline - *snort*


Being blog groupies, we were really excited to see you and Gary last night. And, you know, the Ladies too. What was with all the Steve songs, though? Not that I'm complaining--it was awesome. But I was thinking about it the whole time.

Also, Keri and I agree that despite your tales of murder, we both want to raise some butterflies.


The only people who don't take that message off are insecure luddites.


I could go search for an Anderson Cooper related post but quite frankly I'm too lazy.

I'm watching the Soup. A couple of weeks ago they showed a clip where he went off on Lindsay Lohan's family's "reality" show and the pure absurdity of these people being given any attention. Today they showed him talking about what an idiot David Blaine is.

I think he's even more handsome than ever.


Caroline - No you are wrong. The view is too far away.
Sent from my luxurious 500000 count hotel bed.
3-don't encourage her
Erin -Perhaps Steven feels he needs to win us back. And. Start with the painted ladies. They are peacable.
Magpie -I just neglected to ...
Sent from the very busy life of Ellen S____
Caroline - I saw both. He also bitches about that sweet sixteen party show somewhere


I think we're going to have to have an old fashioned arm wrasslin' to settle this once and for all!


.75-the photos will prove it


Semi-related: we just hired a new girl. I noticed a picture of a nice-looking man on her computer and asked her later who he was. Turns out its Ed or Steve or whichever one is the hot one. She has another picture of the two of them together.

As it turns out, she goes on the cruises and she knows you from your cruise board persona, although she's never met you in person either.


christy - THE Hot One? There are two fromtmen and both are hot in their own way. I personally favor Steve, the one with the glasses.She may prefer the more conventionally pretty Ed.To each her own.


christy- does she like the cards? She could be mancuso or mrs dr evil.
Gary just lectured me on my inapprpriate board persona. It bothered me for a while.


Ellemon (do I have that right?): I'll have to check, but I think THE hot one (as in the conventional hot one -- seriously, he was hot). She also knows about your green dress thing. Anyway, tell Gary that she never thought you were anything but -- and I quote: -- "AWESOME". On the other hand she's kind of young and thinks I'm awesome, too. She'll learn. I'll find out who you might know her as, though.


Christy - Yep, Ellemon. And Ed's just way too pretty to be hot. Hey! Maybe I'm not bisexual. Pretty does nothing for me.

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