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September 26, 2008


Big Dot

Ah, but there are crumb sweepers and then there are crumb sweepers. Did he have a silver pan to sweep the crumbs into (or alternatively, was it a silver-backed brush that he used to sweep the crumbs onto the carpet for a lower-echelon minion to deal with in the wee small hours) or was it one of those gimmicky all-in-one plastic jobs that you might buy at the $2 shop? Hmm?


The level of crumb sweeper is important. I have one of the $2 ones in the downstairs bathroom to sweep up cat litter. Not the same at all.

Oh, and wait until you are shocked about the size of the cup you get for your slot machine money. Being personally cursed for any game of chance, I just watch and make snarky remarks.


"Your winnings, sir."


Bah, I forgot to tell you I have an award for you, which you must come to my spot to pick up. But of course you're in Buffalo, so that might be too far out of the way. WHatev.


Big Dot --I feel the brush / pan is too precious
Sherri-My vice is buffets.
Candy-A major award? Now you say "fragile -it must be italian." And I hoped someone would get the Casablanca reference.

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