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September 10, 2008


Big Dot

There was a man walking the Inca Trail with me who had recently turned 70. Just saying.

And, isn't it remarkable how, despite the dorky helmet and the fluoro vests and training session and signed waivers and safety video, what you overwhelmingly feel when humming along on a Segway, is COOL?


Keep your orthopedist on speed dial.


That ROCKS you did the Segway tour. I can't wait to see what your next adventure will be!

I'm glad that you're not waiting for retirement to "do it all"!


*sigh* you lead such an exciting life...


Big Dot - I was incredibly cool and had a natural talent. Gary was not.
Zayrina - What ... will I twist my ankle? Have you seen my ankles?
.75 - It was fun. I wish they'd post the photos so I can blog it.
Sue - Says the woman who could be killed any minute by rogue farm equipment or a racecar?


Too bad you decided you'd be good at skiing right as Hidden Valley is closing.

Where's the big house? The one facing the cemetery?


Caroline - I know! But we heard that it's essentially just a hill with fake snow. And Gary takes M-R Mall home, so he can see the deer in that little glen.

Sudoku Print Puzzles

Skiing on Wii Fit is less expensive than a ski membership. I wouldn't mind taking the Segway tour. It must be great fun. As I often say : "Carpe Diem" (seize the day).


Sudoku Print Puzzles - The Segway tour is actually a lot like the Wii Fit. Your feet get very tired. We just played Star Wars the other night. My fencing skills came in handy.


So did you ever ski?


So did you ever ski?


Mershy - you are so drunk.

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