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August 10, 2008



Such a pretty baby.

You gonna BOWL with that thumb? Tell me you're a lefty.

Lisa Emrich

Wow, that's interesting. Makes you wonder if nowadays they take a little more time to determine which appendage is the functioning one.

Overflowing Brain

That is one of the coolest stories ever, I mean, except for the pain part. I'm pretty sure that having an extra thumb means you're extraordinarily evolved. I mean if an opposable thumb is the signal of evolution from apes, what might TWO opposable thumbs mean???


Anne Boleyn had two pinkie fingers and you know how they solved her problem...

Sugared Harpy

OMG, scissors?

Erin G.

WOW. That's so fascinating. Good story!!


~~Silk - The ball hit right below the ganglion. I suppose I could blame my bad bowling on the thumb. I think I will. I think there should be a special thumb olympics.
Lisa Emrich - Well, it may not have been the best thumb, but I appreciate being able to close my hand. If that bump had been on the inside, that wouldn't have been possible.
Overflowing Brain - no polydactlyism is actually a sign for some types of mental retardation.
Becs - Yep, but she also had an extra nipple, so you know she was a witch. Or a whore, or whatever they said.
Surgared Harpy - that's what Mom said. I dont think she stayed in the room though. Maybe they were more like those ratcheting pruning clippers. You'd think I'd be scared of scissors. Oh, and clowns, considering my crib decor.
Erin G - Where were you in sixth grade? All the girls were grossed out by my thumb.

Amy in StL

I'd only want a tail if it was the type skinks have. You know, that detaches to distract predators. It would have come in handy with some bad dates in the past.


Pruning shears? Egads.


I can't believe they didn't wait a few years to see whether you were the reincarnation of a goddess! Or perhaps they had their answer already.

#3 (since now I'm abbreviated)

Happy Birthday, Ellen! :-) (Yeah, it's a day late - I suck.)


Amy in StL - And then if you could grow it back, too, for the next bad date.
magpie - That was in the early 60's - I dont know what they use now.
TasterSpoon - Oh, no I was already out-goddessed my the 12-toed cousin.
#3 - Nope, you bought me lunch.

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