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August 08, 2008




Big Dot

I´m here! I´m in the potato country! Won´t google analytics tell you where? You´ve already guessed it, but not the vegetable connection (which I´m regretting more and more - this has become much bigger than it is worth, it´s going to be such an anticlimax, I´m embarrassed already).


Potato...Latvia. Like latkes, only formerly Russian.


Judith - And with Big Dot and Wikipedia's help - I got it:
'Taters came from Peru! Who knew?
Big Dot - I bet Succotash came from Peru too. And in my view, any climax is a good climax.
Erin - Good try. I was thinking Lyon, France like, Potatoes Lyonnaise, but then Google told me.

I thought it was going to be Ecuador:


Big Dot

Yes, they have (depending who´s telling the story) 3 or 5 thousand varieties of potato here, with 90 in everyday use. None of which, alas, is in my experience so far anyway, actually tasty. I see myself becoming as sylph-like in actual life here as I expect my home dot to be by the time I get back at the start of September.

I´m in a small tour group of 5 people, mostly Brits, plus a guy from St Louis called Chuck. Do you know him?


TaterSpoon, or "" - I was looking for Spud, Peru, myself.
Big Dot - Oh, of course I know Chuck. He is Manbitch:

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