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August 07, 2008



Remember the work I did at American Water? I loved them. And I recorded one of their messages that went out to all their CA customers. Imagine that - much of CA has heard my voice!

Next time the bitchy computer doesn't understand you, try shouting phrases like operator, representative, help, and (my last resort) human being.


I've had a whole week like that. And I'm about to do battle with AT&T. Argh.


The only thing that would have made that better is if the customer service rep had been named Rory, and he was in New Delhi.


Caroline - That works? I usually love telephony, especially at doctors offices, but I didn't like the fake "friendliness" of this one.
Magpie - AT&T is the worst. No - Moms cable was the worst. "Ma'am, you aren't authorised to turn off your [dead] mother's cable."
Candy - He was flirting with the UHC rep, I know that.


One of my teammates - WHEN I WORKED AT THE CABLE CO - had the same experience when her mother died. They refused to take back the equipment. It went on for months.

And yes, usually one of those words works, but if they don't, the satisfaction of screaming HUMAN BEING at a computer helps break the tension.


Caroline - Even employees at Charter get this treatment? I explained to the manager that since I wasn't authorized to cancel, then I wouldn't and they could just disconnect it when it went into arrears. Ans then I didn't pay the bill until it went to the collection agency.

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