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August 13, 2008



DUDE! I kept waiting and waiting for her to lose it and she didn't! I would have been crying the second I fell off for sure.

Shoot, I already cried at work too and it's only been 2 months. --sigh--

Amy in StL

Yeah I seriously don't know how she kept from crying either. Especially knowing that the whole world just saw you f'up? Being caught by our secretary coming in late to work is enough to make me well up!


I don't know how they do it. So solid and composed. They must train for disappointment as well.

Overflowing Brain

Agreed. I bet she cried all night long afterwards, but damn if I'm not proud of her for holding it together.

That's an Olympian.


It was impressive. It was also impressive how few people actually fell. I wanted to cry for her when she fell on the floor.

#0.75 - you cried at work? Why? I mean I have, but you're stronger than me.


.75 - Well, I remember once I fell apart in front of the older Mrs. E, and she told me it was good because it showed I cared. Aw.
Amy in StL - The past few weeks I've just managed to avoid the secretary / receptionist, but I know what you mean. We have one at the dentist who writes down how many minutes late you are.
Country Dew (Hi Country Dew!) - I just keep thinking of Tonya and Nancy. Remember Tonya fussing about her skates coming untied? And the cameramen outing Nancy for being snide about Oskana? Maybe disappointment isnt part of figure skater training.
Overflowing Brain - If I had to choose, I'd rather have the ability to not cry than to win a gold medal.
Caroline - Helllloooo... hellooooo... All about me here. Stop using my blog to flirt with .75! And did you see, a Chinese girl just vaulted onto her rear.


Caroline, you can flirt with me ANYTIME.
Queen, why ELSE do you think I visit your blog? So I can chat with the LA-DIES!



Y'all can fight over who that's for.


#0.75 and Caroline - get a room. (Oh! I almost ended up at Novak's tonight.)

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