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August 14, 2008



Mad skillz!


I'm surprised Gary can even move with that display going on.

I use my boobs mostly to make myself look female. They also make my husband happy. If I'm napping on my back, I've awakened to find a cat pillowed there, paws on either side, purring -- which is most disconcerting, but I deal with it.

Boobs = cat pillows.


It's amazing some of things I find in my bra at the end of the day. It's like a treasure expedition.

Amy in StL

Wow, I've never thought to use mine for anything. Clearly I am missing the boat.


I like that "boobs flashing" business. What happens when the phone is on vibrate though?


I am with Shania. I put all manner of things in the sling.

Hey, maybe that's why I don't have to carry a purse....


Ooh! Good thinking! Maybe if I shove enough stuff in there, I can upgrade to an A-cup. Meanwhile, I make do with tissues...


When I require a bra, which is only a matter of time and calories, I shall stuff all manner of things into it.


I just recently became a bra/purse/carryall person. I mostly use it for my phone, unless I'm on a walk,(don't want to short it out or anything!). It seems so incognito there.


.75 - If only bouncing your boobs did make you run faster in real life.
Sherri - Ooo- my dog has no boob respect. Boobs = Dog springboards.
Shania - Crumbs for me, mainly. And once a penny.
Amy in StL - Never for anything? At all? Not even a beer holder on a hot day?
Magpie - There would have been a Tacoma Narrows bridge vibration amplification effect, because I was already pretty wound up at that time.
Zayrina - It's a built in purse. But you know, there is that hazard that things can get adhered to the underboob and not come out.
TasterSpoon - You are currently using two Trader Joe's bags right? That might be too much for your cleavage.
Jamon - There isn't really a man-bra, is there? When Gary was 70 pounds heavier he might have needed one.
Judith - Oh, my god. Maybe that's what happened to Chandra Levy! Cell phone / bra electrocution.


You mean you don't know? Some politician murdered her. Then 9/11 happened, (conveniently for the politician)and no one ever thought of her again. Until today.


Judith - Neh. Tripped on her scarf. It was definitive.

Sudoku Print Puzzles

You're being sarcastic... I'm not motivated enough to follow a daily routine. Nevertheless, I love the Hula Hoop game. It's great fun !


Sudoku Print Puzzles - are you high? What are you talking about? What Hula Hoop game? Is there a sudoku Hula Hoop game, or are we talking about the Wii? And how can anyone play sudoku? It's math, isn't it? ANSWER ME!

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