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August 11, 2008


Amy in StL

My boyfriend likes to pretend fence anytime he's carrying a non-collapsible umbrella. It's one of his less endearing habits to try to do it with the collapsible kind too.

Sugared Harpy

I think it's awesome that you can fence!

I am now never going to look at an umbrella the same way again.


"...to reconcile my Dad's respect for athletics with Mom's respect for Trollope novels?" Please excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes. I actually snorted with laughter at this line. I'm sure you did your parents proud, even while wearing a brown shirt.


And even with your freaky thumb! You are such an inspiration.


You can do a forward roll? Ossum.


Amy in StL - How does he feel about the empty cardboard tube after the wrapping paper is gone. Thats always a foil or a horn in our hose.
Sugared Harpy - Well ... the only thing I remember is the bind move. And did you notice the Olympic fencers didnt have to do the graceful hand thing? Not fair.
KC - If you snorted I'd think you should wipe your nose instead.
Becs - I know. I'm the polydactylism poster girl.
Shania - Well ... I think the last time was in college.

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