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July 29, 2008



Congratulations on your breakthrough. Clever bereavement counselor. Is he cute, too?


Wow. I never would've made the connection. Which, I suppose, is why I'm not a counselor. But I'm glad it's helping.


Hope you can find a nice cushy ice pack for your head. Those anvils can leave a mark.

Amy in StL

Funny that sometimes it takes someone totally removed from our life to make a connection for us, huh? Well, I hope this is the beginning of a road to tearless days at work!


Ah. Well, that does make perfect sense now, doesn't it.

Hope having the breakthrough helps.

Lisa Emrich

Smart counselor. Smart counselee. Break throughs can be painful but ultimately liberating.

#3 (since now I'm abbreviated)

Ahh... Gotta love Gestalt Psychology.

Okay, you're cured. Let's go shopping.


Get back up, Wile E. Coyote.

Big Dot

So, not only personal illumination, but you also got to make the counsellor feel good: win/win! (We'll discreetly pass over your Homer moment.)


Christy - Well ... he could grow on you.
Shania - Well, he also suggested I give him a call on Moms birthday in abot a week, and he didnt try to hug, so I think I like him.
Sherri - ACME is embossed in my scalp. Very inconvenient.
AmyinStL - And just my luck that he knew what annuities were!
Magpie - It must have worked - in fact I didn't cry at work today.
Lisa Emrich - Not painful at all - Uh oh, maybe that means I didn't have a breakthrough.
#3 - What - clothes shopping? Because Catherine the corrupter is the shoe shopping friend.
Caroline - I did, but my head is still misshapen.
Big Dot - I did make him feel good. I told him he "did good work today" when he left.

#3 (since now I'm abbreviated)

You need new furniture.


#3 - that's right - I do. Good point. And the idea of furniture shopping with Gary scares me. He's been rearranging the furniture in his mind, I can see it. I'm losing control.

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