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July 19, 2008



Congrats on your iPhone. I'm still waiting for it to come down to my price range. I just bought a new phone, too, after my half-decade old nokia gave up the ghost. (Nothing fancy: a Razr, like everyone else in the world.)

Big Dot

My OH has had his iPhone for a week now and is still coming to me several times a day to show me new wonders (yawn). Enjoy your new toys.

Tomorrow I'm going away for a week, so look out for my new little dot. Clue: coconut.


Welcome to the dark side. I don't have the iPhone (but I have the iPod touch, which the apple man says is the exact same thing minus the ability to make calls and take pictures), but I have a wii and it's freaking amazing.

I think it's about time you came over to the dark side and began twittering. You know there's an iPhone app just for it...


Perhaps I could make another reference to another dark side? I'm sick, and a little stupid.


Kathy - Yes, but you are always techno-retro, aren't you?
Big Dot - It took two days to realize OH is other half. Is this a NZ thing?
Katie - I didn't even notice. because Twitter is the dark side.


Hmmm. Sounds like you've accepted the challenge of that "$250 a day" comment a few posts back. Hey, it ain't a competition!


Can I be in your entourage?


~~Silk - Oh, if I'd know there was a competition I'd have won it by now.
0.75 - You have no idea the perfect musical reference you have missed. You could have invoked Steven Pag singing, "I want to make love to you and your entourage."


haha You're going to hate me but I only like a few BNL songs. "This Apt", "Yoko Ono", and "Million Dollars".

And the duet of some Christmas song they sang with Sarah Mac.

That's it.


.75 - So, essentially, you like the ones you've heard. Except for "One Week" and I don't love that one myself.

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