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July 11, 2008



Looks to me like Mac is more sad the pretzels are leaving the house.


I will watch for your green dress to fly onto the stage tomorrow night! :D


Big Dot - He is very apathetic about pretzels. Remember, this dog gets beef tips.
Velocibadgergirl - I'm getting someone in row 2 Ed to throw it. Wish it luck.


::sigh:: I'm so jealous. I could totally use a BNL fix right now. And The Big Lebowski in the same weekend? Dude. That's amazing.

Have an awesome time. Swoon once or twice for me. Bonus points if it's swooning for Steve or Jim.


that dress looks like the green version of something i had to wear as a bridesmaid...


OMG you're going to Lebowskifest? I went last year to Louisville and this year to the one in Chicago! Now I wish I was going again this year. :-/


I know you're just throwing those toes in to get your numbers up.


Erin - Jim was completely silent. Not a peep.
Magpie - Might have been. Though I wouldn't make a fellow woman wear the cantilevered brasserie I had to wear under it.
Yookie - Ah, but we didn't make it. The dog needed a vaccine and that delayed us, so we barely made it to the hotel before the concert.
Judith - Yep. I talked with Friend #3 today about her toes. She has some pathological toe shame!


OMG I didn't realize Mac was a blonde. I had a completely different picture in my head.


TasterSpoon - only his head and belly are blond, the rest is grey.

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