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July 14, 2008



OMG girl this is totally the kewlest EVAH! I am dying, simply dying, of jealousy. *sigh*

Steve looks SO HOT! I have been in love with him since I don't know when (yookie trivia: he was my first sex dream) and he looks SO GREAT! Good onya Steve!

I am so glad you guys had a great time and that he WORE YOUR DRESS!! GAH!


i definitely wore that in a wedding.


Way to live the dream, Ellen. Way to live the dream.


Your photo captions made me giggle. I can't believe it!

I'm also curious...what was the occasion of the prom photo?


Eeek! Steven was arrested last weekend just 45 minutes away from me! Oh my! http://www.9wsyr.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=cb29bd9d-dedf-4107-a167-2c9191257be2


Nothing is safe from inflation, not numbers, not figures - except for your right eyebrow, which your blog embodies every day.


Yookie - Your first sex dream? I hope he was gentle.
Magpie - Photos! We can have a montage of people in the green dress. Did you wear a backless bra with it?
Erin - this gave me a good laugh. Livin' the dream out here in the Midwest.
TasterSpoon - It was formal night on our first cruise.
Mrsstroh (Hi, Mrsstroh) - I have no comment. Gary says Steven was just trying to keep those girls out of trouble.
Big Dot - The right eyebrow and the flabby arms.

By the way - Friends #1-#7: You realize I expected you to look at the inflated-version-of-me photo and comment, "Oh, that's an awful photo of you, you don't ever look that huge in real life."


You don't look like that. But in the 10yo picture you bear a strong resemblance to a young Miss Manners.

And as it turns out, Steve Page has achieved that look the supermodel way. Who knew?


Caroline - Who knew? Well, we still don't know. We probably won't ever know. And that's fine, because we can use our imaginations for good as well as evil. (Nasty, pervy evil.)

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