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July 28, 2008



It must have sucked to have only one radio station back then.


I wish I had friends like #0.75.

Overflowing Brain

Ha, cogent is one of the GRE words I can't remember. I guess that blow my theory that I don't know those 45 words because no one in the universe has ever used them.

Like pulchritude. Or potentate.

Overflowing Brain

Somehow my log in for everything has been changed from katie to overflowing brain. Whatever. I know my name, that's all that really matters.

Amy in StL

Back in the late 80s and early 90s I used to listen to KMOX when I was homesick. Hearing people talk about St. Louis things seemed to make me feel I was home. I would have died if one of my parents had called in.


That's the most awesome story I've heard all day! :)

I love the part where Gary immediately headed to your parents' house. :)

In the late 80's I had a job making about $16,000 and everyone in the office was told they couldn't get a raise "because (ajooja) makes too much money for his job." Sheesh!

Big Dot

Great story. I once had an Eng Lit essay at university called 'cogent' by the professor, whom I worshipped (Roger Robinson for God!) - it's a word I've been fond of ever since.


I've had that similar "oh shit, that's dad" experience many times while listening to KTRS. Thank God he isn't drunk, he just finds himself very interesting.


#0.75 - Well, there was only one station you could find easily in your car radio. Hush up.
Christy - You can have her!
Overflowing Brain - Oh, read the Yiddish Policeman's Union - Lots of new words in there.
Amy in StL - Aww, that's nice. I heard a radio station from my home state of Texas on a clear night a few years back. Of course, you can hear KMOX from sea to shining sea, pratically.
Ajooja - $16K? Hey! I only made 12K! Bogus!
Big Dot - I can never picture cogent used in a sentence other than "I had a cogent thought."
Caroline - KTRS? I thought there was only one station...


Christy - I'm for rent! I'm cheap...and easy!

Queen - Good news, I finally get AM stations in my car! :P


0.75 - Somehow, I have the idea that AM is Republican and FM is Democrat. I could be wrong.


hahaha Well if it makes you feel any better, I couldn't get AM stations in my Malibu for the last 10 years.

Now that I can...I just listen to the ballgame.

When it's not ballgame time, I am rockin' out to my 12 FM stations!

I can hear 93.3 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#0.75 - KMOX is such a part of Saint Louis. Mom told me that Harry Carey had to go call ball in Chicago because he had an affair with Mrs. Auggie Busch. Hence Jack Buck, and JB Jr. And to think its been around since the 20s.

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