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July 06, 2008



Yes, and our dog was taken to a farm when it died. And my husband's mother really did donate their halloween candy to orphans.

I think we all believe what we need to.

When our dog (labrador) killed a kitten we convinced my younger sister that he was just carrying the kitten back its mother rather than, you know, anywhere he wanted because it was dead.

Amy in StL

When I was little (like 10 or 11) our dog caught a baby bunny as it ran out from under the neighbors shed. I made her drop it and then picked the poor thing up because it was so cute and I wanted to soothe it. Um, yeah it had some kind of heartattack and died right there. Ew.

And I love the second little bit of information. That makes the story really priceless.


Katie - Sick! Sick but really really funny.
Amy in StL - Okay, now I'm starting to believe that the pet Biter Bunny might have really had a spontaneous heart attack instead of a planned one-way visit to the vet.

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