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July 20, 2008



This is me, being all kinds of jealous of your wealth.

I wonder how much my MIL is worth?


The OJ trial was in '94, because that's when my mom passed away. She was sick in bed and watching it, wanting to live until the end to see if he was convicted or not. Having the same kind of sense of humor as you and your mother, we discussed that she could get the "real" answer after she died...


Not 94, 95. The verdict came in the first time I took a sick day at my after college job, which I started in June 95. All I wanted was reruns of cheesy 80s sitcoms and it was all OJ verdict, all day. Of course, that trial was so damn long... maybe it started in 94. It was summer of 94 when the murders happened - we watched the car chase the night my last boyfriend before I met my husband came over to meet my parents.

See how my sense of history works?

Also...you know the view is better from the Canadian side, right?


Hope you have lots, (money, I ,mean). When my husband inherited some, it seemed to fly away pretty quickly. Got a note from the state the other day, seems we missed some! Oh, boy!


You can't order the iPhone online. You have to get it at a store and activate it in the store this time around. That's partly why the lines are still there - it's a bit of a process.

Big Dot

Splutter! Hack!! HYPERVENTILATE!!!

Ok, why not tell him, "Because it's there and we can." Worked well enough for Sir Ed and Everest (paraphrased).

So, where am I now?


Yeah, the jealousy thing? Mm, little bit with the freakin' house paid off and the whole vacation thing. Hm. Yeah. Little bit.

Friend #3 (AKA Flossie)

Niagara Falls will be nice to visit anyway. Particularly if Steven can't keep his nose clean.

So to speak.

DeeDee and Irma

We would like to offer our heartiest thanks for the lovely add in your bloglines. You are truly a peach.

PS: We are also jealous of your impending iPhone.

PPS: We are even more innard-scorchingly jealous of your possible New Zealand getaway. Irma is currently having some sort of attack.


Katie - Knowing my in-laws, it will all go to the catholic church in the end.
Libby / Caroline - I just looked up the Toronto trial I remembered and it was in the summer of '94. And it was quite a challenge to look it up in Wikipedia without reading any of the words.
Judith - We've been going through most of it by paying off debts. No fun. I think after we buy the techie stuff there might be a freeze.
Kim - Oh, there may be a line when I activate then. Feh. I keep craving it.
Big Dot - I can't tell - I keep looking for a Fiji dot. And someone is still holding the fort in NZ.
Becs - I thought of you, I did, and I'm sorry. You have cats who pee in the cat box. I envy you.
Friend #3 - So. Turning heartlessly on one of the Jewish persuasion? I see how it is with you. (Oh, and be watned that there are plenty of BNL fans reading this who would be ready to verbally tear you apart if I gave them the sign.)
Dee Dee and Irma - Oh. give Irma some cranberry extract pills and a gallon of Fiji water.


Did you already order the iPhone? Because Ace was actually thinking of returning his. It has a battery life of less than a day, even when it's just sitting there, which kind of defeats the "mobile" part of the "mobile phone" concept.

I'm not an Apple basher, but a friend who is sent me this link that I found entertaining:


DeeDee and Irma

The only thing Irms drinks in gallon form is moonshine. And, strangely, V8.


TasterSpoon - Gary got up to research this, but never got around to it. But, that was a wonderful page on the Nokia.
DeeDee and Irma - I will have to let you have the last word. I almost never do that.


New Zealand is just wonderful, I am sure you would love it...


New Zealand is just wonderful, I am sure you would love it...


New Zealand is just wonderful, I am sure you would love it...


...And I should know, because I live there!

Big Dot

And as we all know from our junior reading, saying something three times MAKES it true (not that it wasn't before - of course I stand shoulder to shoulder with Bruce on this one. Even if his name does sound suspiciously Australian).


Bruce (Hi Bruce!) - Man, it sounds like you really like NZ. It also sounds like Typepad was kind of bogged down this morning. I would have deleted the extras but the Big Dot's remarks would make no sense.
Big Dot - Everything you say now sounds like a hint about potatoes.

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