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July 21, 2008



This is the best movie review I've read in a long time! *applauds*


That was definitely the most accurate movie review I've read in a long time.

While Heath Ledger was awesome, it was pretty fucked up and I'd much rather have Sex (AndTheCity) in my movies.

I hope X-files is good...


I think Santa wants to go see this soon. He and I were talking just last night about it setting records. I tried to tell him that I seriously doubted that it is because it is that good of a movie. "It's setting records because Heath Ledger croaked before the movie was completely in the can" I told him. "Who?"
"The Joker guy." "Oh. He died?" I explained. Not one of the movies after the original lived up to it, why would I have expectations about this one. He still wants to go see it.
I wanna see Mamma Mia. The very boinkable Colin Firth is in it.


You know, I've been holding off, and the more reviews I read, the less I want to see it.

So last night Ace and I went to a Fred Astaire double feature instead.


Colin Firth rockkksss!
I heard an interview with Mr. Sick Fuck and Christian Bale yesterday. All they could talk about was Heath Ledger. I felt sorry for Batman. As for the rest of the cast, Maggie Gyllenhal(sp)has been plugging it on all the late night shows. I guess I won't bother with it until it comes on tv. Thanks for the review!


Heh ... this is why I usually only see animated movies with the kids.


I know that has been said by others many times, but it has always bothered me that a movie that might show a bare breast is deemed unfit for a child, but blowing things up is OK.


Always the dissenter...I saw "The Dark Knight". I knew it was a dark ride - all you had to do was look at the Joker's makeup. Although there was a point when one of my favorite characters disappeared and I thought, if he's really gone, I'll never watch another Batman movie.

I've never been into "Sex and the City". Insecure anorexic women buying $1000 shoes and screwing anything that makes them tip over. Nah. Doesn't work for me. But I loved "The Devil Wears Prada."


Wyo - *Takes the tiniest of bows*
.75 - In reality, I do think Mr. S. F. did a good jon writing such a good role.
Zayrina - Ahhh. Colin.
Tasterspoon - Well, there wasn't a Fred Astaire double feature here in the suburbs ... (pout)
Judith - I imagine he misses his friend. Poor Batman - man ... Christian Bale?
Mdmhvonpa (Hi, mdmhvonpa!) - Please tell me you didn't let them see that sick Happy Feet movie...
Neil - (Hello, Neil)- That is odd. But, I have to say, long sequences of breasts might be as dull as long sequences of explosions.
Becs - But the Wordsmithing in the S&tC series! So clever!

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