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July 09, 2008



Summer rainstorms I can handle, but we've had some pretty strange weather lately, like last week when it rained on half of my house. Seriously.

Lisa Emrich

If you were drenched to your undies, how did your cereal fare?

Glad you only got wet and not swept away.


The random strangers in my town WISH I would teach my kid to avoid them. Anywhere he can find a captive pair of ears, he's off. The day he signed up for tennis he told 46 random people about it. I don't talk to 46 people in a month!

Amy in StL

I've often wondered the same thing myself. Usually, I wonder that when some kid gets abducted after approaching a strangers car. Aren't these kids taught to walk opposite traffic and back away from stopped strange vehicles?


So many ways to take this comment...

My daughter avoids strangers.

Today at the grocery store we scored a "car cart." She kept asking me what I wanted on the radio, then would sing at the top of her lungs. I kept asking her to use her inside voice, but I actually had two adults come up to me and ask me to let her sing because they were enjoying it. Who ARE these people?

On the drive home yesterday I noticed the ominous clouds in the distance. My husband's truck was in the driveway with the windows down, as they always must be, because the outside door handles don't work. You have to reach inside to open the doors. I wish this was a joke. So anyway, I thought "I'll remind him to pull it in the garage after supper." Then I thought, "Oh hell, I have a key. I'll just do it so we don't forget." I did, and I hadn't even gotten upstairs when it opened up and poured. You're welcome, honey.


Kathy - How huge is your house?
Lisa Emrich - Cereal was fine, but the four boxes of Jiffy Corn Muffin mix were waterlogged. All the labels were wrinkled off the cans of corn, too. (Made corn casserole for a TeddyJ function. TeddyJ continues to provide food.)
Shania - Well, each of those strangers had to hear the news only once, you must have heard it 46 times. Is he still excited about tennis?
Amy in StL - I think (obviously I dont know) that some parents worry about making their kids too paranoid.
Caroline - Was he appreciative? I bet he was. Your husband is the appreciative type.


Well he was cooking dinner when I got inside, so there was mutual appreciation.

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