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July 16, 2008



I love that cave, but somehow never noticed the timeline before. Both hilarious and painful!

And don't get me started on those damn license plates. :P


When I was in Greece, we went to an orthodox church that required women to wear long skirts. So we packed them and put them on over our jeans and we seriously looked like homeless people.

There was a big sign over the door of the church translated to English, telling us we had to wear skirts, only the last line had a typo. It said, "Thank you for your understating."

There was another classic typo somewhere involving the word "fork", but I can't remember what it was. Greece was the best for weird signs.


It makes my brain hurt to think they needed to say "Earth Created." No "by ____" next to it?


Who would've thought that about Crocs?

AND in unrelated items: So last week I was working at the part-time gig at The Body Shop and this man and woman came in and he was asking questions and they both had LUSH bags and I thought of you and Gary.


How do you put that sign together and not notice that? Hilarious.


Veolicbadgergirl - Oh, let's get you started. Are those the official plates? Seriously?
Katie - I like the idea of you in skirts and jeans, so not understated.
Candy - I noticed that they didn't give God credit, too.
Autumn - Yeah, you'd think Crocs would be perfect, but they slipped everywhere.
Kim - It would have been funnier if the letters had gotten all tight and scrunched at the end.

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