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July 31, 2008



When you had it posted before, it was embeded and totally worked for me. Just saying.

And it's fabulous. :)

Big Dot

Yup, same here. Very clever! What sporting elderly ladies...


Some difficulties forced me to protect my blog with a password. If you want to have further access to my site, please drop me a note and I will send you the password.

Greetings from Germany


Oh good! Someone even better to vote for!


I don't think I get it.


Hilarious. And damned clever.


Silly fools - Queens don't get elected. They deign to reign!


Erin - Not for me - it said "Unknown Unknown for president."
Big Dot - Old loadies don;t have tats that sharp. I know this.
Georgia - "Some difficulties" - that's intruiging!
#0.75 - No one is better than Barak. I jujst saw a MoveOn.org commercial with a baby chicken that was great.
Candy - Because you believe that I am really running for office?
Magpie - It really is some nifty graphic programming.
Shania - If they are insane.

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