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July 08, 2008



Just yell back at the G-man "Yes, Kennedy! That's 10 points and you go to the next level!"

(I'm watching the Moon Missions, too)

Amy in StL

Damn, between work and ballgames the past month I've missed almost all of How We Left Earth. I'll have to try to catch Moon Missions. I love old gov't video footage. I think it's all the short sleeve dress shirts and flat tops!


Sherri - Ha! If only I had you here, like Mystery Science Theater.
Amy in StL - I keep looking at the faces and wondering if they'd be considered attractive today. It's so hard to look past the hairstyles.


Short sleeve dress shirts and ties. What a look. Thanks for the giggle, Amy.


Argh! This makes me wish even more fervently that we had the Science Channel. We always see ads on Discovery, but we can't watch because we don't have access. Science Channel, you horrible tease!


Caroline - Didn't Brad Pitt wear that look in The Good Shepard?
Velocibadgergirl - There's some Trio artsy channel we don't have. I feel your pain. It will show up on Discovery or Bravo sometime soon, I'm sure.

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