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July 09, 2008



And do you call her every morning -- preferably at the buttcrack of dawn -- to say "Still doing it right!" in a bright and cheery voice?


I dunno - sounds like a pickup line to me.

Amy in StL

That's so weird. I'd get that if you were a teenager or if you never wore foundation. But to assume you couldn't handle something like that? It's not like she has a degree in foundation application or sometin!


Call 911! Call 911! My concealer missed a spot!


she was totally trying to pick you up.


I would call her every day.

And I love prescriptives. It's the only makeup that doesn't make my skin break out in horrible rashes, which is obviously a plus.


Sherri - Snort! Never crossed my mind.
~Silk - That did cross my mind. But then she added her extension, and you wouldn't pick someone up with a work phone.
Amy in StL - I think they give out a complex forehead, cheek, temple, chin, nose order so you feel like it's science and weren't a fool for paying what you paid.
Becs - Put her on speed dial. "I can see a pore!"
Magpie - She was too young for me, anyway.
Katie - Oh, yes. Crying.


Sorry for doing this in a comment, but I'm trying to double-check with everyone who mentioned they have interest in Dave Louis, the Blogography blogger meet-up.

I think you may have already done this with Dave, but I don't know if there is another Ellen or not. :)



Ajooja - yes, the Ellen S_____ is me. Looking forward to it.

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