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June 30, 2008



I'm surprised Gary hasn't decided Mac has an iron deficiency.


So... if Gary's feeding Mac all that, is Mac tremendously fat? Also, is Mac going to pay for fixing the zipper pulls? Freeloading dog.


Well, it's a good thing you haven't fed dog and Roomba BLUEBERRY PIE, because that would make a mess.

(See how I did that? Now you will get the blueberry pie traffic, too. hahahaha)

What is the Roomba made of?


I think your dog and my dog are related. And because of that, I am sorry for your troubles. I know exactly what you're going through.

Amy in StL

My dog only gnaws on the nylon part of the zipper - he leaves behind the metal pull. Maybe I can collect them and ship them ala AmFam to you?


Is the new diet Mac's share of the inheritance?


On the bright side, at least his poop will be shiny. Feed him some tinsel along with the zippers and you'll have art!


~~ Silk - I swear, he said that very thing this morning.
Angie - Mac is sleek. And we do always find the zipper pulls. So he's just chewing them and giving up. So, not really a freeloader, just a borrower.
Sara - Oops! You've slipped to #3. And not even registered on the spunky standings! And Roomba is made of plastic and rubber and puppy dogs tails.
Candy - Could be. My dog's birth name is Dusty DoRight. Of the Arkansas DoRights, I believe.
Amy in StL - Why? Why do they think anything is in there. Do you have feather pillows too?
Caroline - Nope. This change was Pre-estate.
Shania - Why do I get the feeling you've done this?


"We always find the zipper pulls" - this is a sentence that needs elucidation. And yet, maybe not. Our dog, a Labrador (say no more) who sees anything falling from the kitchen bench as manna from heaven, once leapt onto a dollar coin that rolled over the edge and swallowed before it could register as non-food. That was one dollar even the kids weren't interested in retrieving - and that was back in the days when I could get away with giving them 50c pocket money a week.

And thank you for resuming your normal programme, so my cup of tea ritual can continue to revive my soul after a day of snarling at teenagers.

Amy in StL

I don't have feather pillows. I have no idea why. Maybe to the canine senses, nylon smells like prime rib?

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