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April 28, 2008





The really scary part is that once upon a time, women used Vaseline for makeup-removal (alternative to cold cream, which is mostly the same as far as I can tell) (I read about it in this month's issue of Real Simple and was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you.)


Is there an illicit copy of Last Tango in Paris in that suitcase as well? QueenMum never stops surprising me.


My goodness your mother was beautiful!

And for the record, Vaseline is also good for diaper rash.

Friend #3

The wattle doesn't fall far from the tree, I see.

Caroline's right: your mom was a knock-out. :-)


Taster - I know! It made my yesterday and my today.
Sherri - I used Vaseline to take off my mascara in high school. Now I just don't wear mascara.
Candy - You and my Grandma would get along well. I was shocked to hear she would associate Vaseline with sex.
Caroline - She's a cutie.
Friend #3 - Oh, HER wattle was from two huge dimples so deep they met under her chin. I have no such excuse.

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