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April 18, 2008



Back before I became a scent sensitive PITA, I had a bottle of Chanel. Although I can't enjoy the aroma now, I sure relish the memories that come home to roost whenever Chanel is mentioned.

Those were the days.

Your dad would have liked the lamp in "A Christmas Story"?


Zayrina - Oh, my god, he would have loved it. In fact, he had a pair of plastic mannequin legs he dressed in hot pants.


You cannot make a comment like that and just leave it dangling!


Big Dot - what more can I add? he had the lower torso and legs of a mannequin. I have no idea where he got them. (It might have been one of Mom's capers.) Last time I saw them they were in pink hotpants and mesh stockings in our bathtub.

Really, you don;t question things like that in Mom and Dads house. Things are what they are.


"Last time I saw them they were in pink hotpants and mesh stockings in our bathtub."


My father was an electrician. At our house it was wires, everything had wires hanging on it.

Man aesthetics.


I KNEW there was a reason I never liked Chanel No. 5. Civet Cats!!! Good grief!!!!


ZAyrina - EXPOSED WIRES? Right up there with wire hangers in moms house.
Candy - Well, not since the 90s...Least it isnt ambergris from tortured whales...


Do you think maybe it accidentally on purpose finally fell off the back of the toilet and shattered into a million pieces? Or that this is at least the story she had ready in case anyone ever asked?


Sara - no,actually, I think she gave it to some random person who admired it.


My mom was Chanel #9, but I don't have any of it. My stepdad kept it all. I have one teeny empty bottle of it that smells vaguely like it.

I don't know who or what is tortured for #9.

I have a pewter perfume bottle like those you show, only cheaper and yet less gaudy. It was given to me by the former wife of a friend, who was very cheap and gaudy. It was a very strange episode. I pretend now I don't know her.


Sherri - Wow! Of course I had to google "Chanel no. 9" to see if there was animal torture, and found this instead:


We had a mannequin out in the garden. The legs were in one bed, the torso/head in another. There were no arms. Eventually some rotten neighborhood boys stole it.


Magpie - oh, the brats. I always worry about leaving good stuff out in the yard or the front porch.

I say go to eBay and get a better mannequin. One of those with the protruding nipples.

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