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April 29, 2008


Vaguely Urban

That's like the time I found out my mom was a cheerleader in high school. Big megaphone with MARY on it, right on her budding bosom. Isn't it marvelous to think of your mom so young?


"a narrative of how she and her roommate Nanci murdered their housemother"

That must have been the innocent time. Now, that story would land her in a psychiatrist's office, or under house arrest, or kicked out of school, or arrested and charged with intent to commit mayhem, or... sigh.

Erin G.

Adorable! (The name-trying out. Not so much with the murder.)


That's so cute. I think "Margi" is a wonderful pen name. It stands out. Very cool.


Vaguely - It is marvelous. Why can't we realize that when we're teenagers?
~~Silk - I think they blew her up. Yes. They did. Then they went to a dance.
Erin G. - I like the fact she avoided "Peggy" which is a derivation of "Margaret," her real name. Not to denigrate Peggies, but it just isn't Mom.
ajooja - I picture the "G" being a hard G, like in Porgy and Bess. Porgi and Bess.


I always find it facinating to get an insight into what our parents were like when they were young... this is very cool.

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