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March 13, 2008



Does Mac cuddle upon Czech command?


I've heard of this.


I went to visit The Seeing Eye training center and one of the worst things you can say to one of the dogs is "fwee". It's the ultimate word of seeing eye dog correction, apparently.

I hope they never run into Elmer Fudd running for president. Or counting above two.

Amy in StL

I guess they better hope that we don't have a huge influx of immigration from that country!


Caroline - Let me try it - No. Perhaps I'm saying it wrong.
Sue - Hopefully too many criminals haven't.
Becs - Of course, now I am compelled to find a (retired) seeing-eye dog and mess with her head.
Amy in StL - Doesnt Saint Louis have a huge Czech community? Or is that Croatian?


St. Louis has a large Bosnian community, but Wilbur, NE is in big trouble.

Tell Mac, "zastavit sedění dále má hlava."

Translation: Stop sitting on my head.


The elephants at the zoo here are trained in Hindu or Swahili or some such jungly language in the hope that no-one's going to be able to sing out "Roll over!" when the keepers are scrubbing their backs in the bath. Fortunately our thousands of corner-shop owners, sub-continental to a man, are very well-behaved citizens.


I think it's awfully precocious of us Americans to assume there are no criminals out there boning up on their Czech.


heh heh...

I said boning..

heh heh...


They could try Klingon.


It would be pretty hilarious if it turned out there was a people-language that dogs just happened to be fluent in all this time, just nobody thought to try.


This is driving me crazy. You always respond to all the new comments.


Caroline - Hey - what the? You are right. How did I do that?
Big Dot - Well, if they are African elephants they might be Swahili and not need to be trained.
Candy - What we need are Czech points at the border.
Zayrina - What? And light a fuse under the frustrated Trek population?
TasterSpoon - Maybe it's selective, like they understand every word in every language, except for "pee" or "poop."
Caroline -

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