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March 08, 2008


Lisa Emrich

Thank you for participating.

AND thank you for mentioning Tokyo-Girl Down Under. I had not 'met' her yet.


TickledPink (Jeri)

I found you a long time ago but haven't visited in a while until the big list came out. Love your blog!

I don't care if you do talk about your vibrator collection more than your MS...it'll give me a refreshing break from obsessing. :-)

Are you in one of the FTY720 trials?

More importantly, have you be de-Elained? And have you ever met DoppleGary? Inquiring minds...


Erm, how did I miss this, and how do I get on the list?


Wow, it's like a MS chain letter. It's pretty cool.

Also, for attendance purposes, I've been kicked out of my dorm for spring break, so my dot should have moved a bit. It's a South Carolina dot now. But I'm still visiting compulsively.


Lisa Emrich - Aha! I see you have Jammies on your blogroll already (http://carnivalofmsbloggers.blogspot.com/). She's pretty prolific.
Tickled Pink (Hi Jeri!) - I am in the Pill-only trial. It seems to be going well, given that I've had a cold and the flu since I started Jan 2. You know that's good news for us. And yeas, we went to DoppleGary's place of business and he wouldn't talk to us.
Jammies - well, you are on the big list, and I think all you have to do is post the post.You know, minus smart-ass comments.
Erin - I keep track of all my big dots. I wondered who was this new SC dot, but I saw GA had dropped off.


Hi Queen! I just discovered your blog, and am sorry it took so long to find you. I love the T-shirt that you are wearing in your profile, btw.


Joan - hi Joan! You would not believe how much that t-shirt cost. SIXTY DOLLARS, I bought it on line from Kitson, where Lindsay Lohan and that crowd shops. But I wasn't thinking that day, I loved the shirt so and People Magazine siad I could buy it at Kitson.

But here it is for 11 bucks:

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