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March 06, 2008


Diane J Standiford

Sorry, never heard of him, but my brain has shrunken..HEY I am inviting you to join other MS Bloggers in an MS Awareness Links project. Go to my blog for all the details.
I bet you will find someone with MS who kas your answer. :-)



I am from St. Louis, so yes, I'm very familiar with Bob Kuban. I hadn't thought about that song in ages, though. Thanks for the earmorm. ;)



Why I shouldn't write before coffee.


At first I thought you were talking about the host of the Newlywed Game, but...no. I see not. I have no idea who he is.


I know the song. I also know Bob Kuban's nephew. The nephew is cuter.


Diane, did you actually read this blog or did you search MS, come up with this blog and throw your link in there?

Just curious. Because as I understand it, Wattle Watch has, at the moment, taken precedence, along with Gary's new undershorts.


Just wanted to say hello....now that I've stopped laughing.
I found my way here the same way Diane (above) did...from a list of MS bloggers.
I have to admit stopping to look at Gary's shorts a little longer than other posts.....


I've never seen Bob Kuban live, but I've heard him on the radio a few times. Maybe it's time to check it out.

Why do St. Louisans go to such extremes in their murders? Have you blogged about the mob car explosions already?


Diane J Standiford (oh, come on. Can I call you DJ? So formal!) - I do think I'll send something in to the MS Carnival too. I was going to do the link luv tonight but then I got this crazy phone call this morning.
Kathy - I hear you - I haven't had Starbucks in DAYS since I changed jobs.
Candy - Okay, go here:
Christy - Man! That's like royalty!
Becs - Nope, you just aren't in with the MS clique. There's a big link-fest going on out there.
Shauna (Hi, Shauna!) - I have the Wattle Watch, you have the Bike. And you comfort me that the bike may not cure the wattle.
Caroline - Yeah! Crazy psychos, like that guy who duct taped his wife to the chair. I have forgotten his name, thankfully. And I'm not owning the mob bombing story because my Mom didn't date a mobster. Didn't you have some Mob connection too? I might have to interview you both.


I don't know that I'd call it a connection. It's not like I know where the bodies are buried or dumped or scattered.


Wouldn't you know? Bypassed by a sorority again.


Caroline - Oh, sure. Wink wink.
Becs - Rush sucks. Especially MS rush.

queen Mother

Dennis Bulloch was the wife-burner. He is out of jail and works as an investment broker.


Queen Mother - I am checking the directory at TeddyJ tomorrow morning!


Hmm... I have no clue who this is, but sounds like the band has interesting history!


Sue - Oh, so obviously not a Saint Louisan!

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