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March 13, 2008



I really wish I'd stopped reading at the end of the car dream.

Here's my recurring car dream: I'm driving a car, but I'm not in the driver's seat. I'm somewhere else in the car, desperately trying to reach the wheel and pedals. Usually I'm in the back seat and the driver's seat is missing. For those of you who have not met me, I am not vertically blessed, so I can not reach the pedals, no matter how much I stretch.

I've never paid attention to when it occurs, but I bet it'll happen less often now that I've left the old company.

Lisa Emrich

Ms. Queen, you are too funny!! Thanks.


My recurring car dream is stamping on the brakes and slowing down, but never being able to stop: relentlessly carried on in slow motion and against my will towards some nameless disaster. Tch, it's so obvious. Bet you wish yours was less obvious too, eh, Queen, eh?


I don't have car dreams. I did however have a recurring dream of an inappropriate nature, years ago when I was newly married the first time, that involved my MIL walking around the house topless. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Thinking of it now it still has the power to make me shudder from head to toe.


Wow. *shudder* You're right...at least you and mom weren't...I can't even type it.


And you seemed so normal when I met you on the cruise.


Not that I wish for such a dream myself, but that was an AWESOME inappropriate confession. Truly. Also great that you had such a satisfying time! And best wishes for many more influxes of people so as to bring on more inappropriate confessionals! (Well done.)


Hahahahahahaha. Hahahaha. Haha. Ha. Ha.

That makes my dream about arriving late to my own wedding with my dress on backwards and unzipped seem so incredibly mundane (and exceptionally easy to analyze I know). You know, with it not involving Bruce Willis' penis nor your mother.

queen Mother

Humph. I wouldn't be in the same room as that egotistic pipsqueak Willis much less let anyone undress me in front of him. Are you sure it wasn't Ashton Cookie?


Caroline - Oh and THANKS for asking me if Moms arms worked in the dream. I had to remember details. (And, no, they didn't, but she had great control in her legs.)
Lisa Emrich - I was so relieved to hear that. I was sure I'd be getting comments like "Come over and visit me. With your Mom. love, Bruce Willis."
Big Dot - Eh! I'm thinking a young BW symbolizes the physical changes age brings. I hope to God, anyway.
Zayrina - Eww! The better to breast-feed with? What would that mean?
Autumn - NO! Don't type that! Ew!
Melissa - Yeah. Bruce Willis, freaky, huh?
wyo - Thank you. I wish I could control that, though. Other people meet strangers and are not compelled to blurt out the most inappropriate thing they are thinking.
Katie - Pah! Unless your chest was exposed. Must have been.
Queen Mother - Hey, babe. How YOU doin'?


I thought of you, and Gary, the poor sick bunny, when I saw this. http://www.funnyjunk.com/movies/1197/Man+Flu/


Zayrina - Gary even saw the humor in that!


That's probably the reason you don't have recurring dreams. Be grateful.


I KNEW it! I just knew you were warped at the core... ;)


Candy - I have dream-like one night stands, then?
Sue - Hey, Mom was the one who threw herself at Bruce.

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