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March 07, 2008



Let the fun begin!



I came across your blog via the Carnival Of MS Bloggers.

You may be interested to hear about a new, unique and inclusive Global Multiple Sclerosis Community providing not only up to date MS News and Stories, but a place where those affected by Multiple Sclerosis can communicate with others affected by the disease, and the wider public, by means of Online Blogs, Discussion Forums and Net-based social interaction, which the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre launched yesterday in collaboration with cre8Buzz.

Why not come and have a look, there are already some established MS bloggers signed up, and maybe join in, it is a great way to promote your blogs etc.


squiffs ;O)


Yeah. That would be much funnier if I didn't actually GET those kinds of calls. So yeah.


Caroline - Yeah, I really need to get the phone number for the DoppleGary. But who would know? Maybe a competitor of his company.
Squiffy - Let me tell you, anyone who goes by "Squiffy" is a friend of mine. But, I am probably the worst person on earth to invite to an on-line support group. I would heckle.
Candy - Oo! For a second I did think it was real. Then I realized it would be Gary's fault.


Speaking of dopplegangers...you should read the open letter at McSweeney's "To my doppleganger". Someone else is also experiencing the doppleganger effect


Christine - Thanks - that McSweenys blog is pretty good. My Mom has a doppleganger too: someone at her hairstylist who has the same name and a daughter with MS.



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