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February 15, 2008



I hope Mom is ok. Getting adequate home healthcare/help is one pain in the butt. Has your mom given thought to unlicensed assisted living? Probably so, and it;s not for everyone for certain.

You got walked out? Isn't that just pissy? It's very common in nursing. I see it as a power play and an attempt to humiliate you. I am ever hopeful that you laughed at them.


I'm so glad you are getting out of there. That place is so weird. I assume you are attending Hot Mom's party tonight. Would it be weird to ask you to give her a hug for me? I actually surfed for plane tickets to St. Louis this week to try to crash the party. Alas, the universe conspired against me. One of the reasons I wanted to go was to meet you and shed my "strange person who knows people I know but doesn't know me" category. But really. I am strange. I do know people you know. So I guess the category would stick even if I did manage to drop the "but doesn't know me" part.


Oh. I occurs to me that you may not have wanted me to include the city name mentioned above. I looked for an edit option, but I don't see one. I totally understand if you delete me because of that.


Trisha, you are cracking me up. She's practically given the GPS coordinates of her house on here. And, ahem, am *I* not worth meeting at said party? Now you'll have the Queen wondering who's stalking her enough to research last minute plane fare. Hee!

Oh wait, this was about the Queen. HYC didn't even let your chair get cold. Your space is hers now. See you tonight!


I already know you. Just because we've never met in person doesn't mean I don't know you! I know The Queen too, she just doesn't know me. And after these comments, I doubt she'll want to!


I hope the Queen Mum is okay. Best wishes. From someone who doesn't know the Queen Mother, nor the Queen, nor anyone the Queen knows. I'm a Good Wishes stalker.

(Funny thing is, I'm hardly this sympathetic in real life.)


Perhaps they escorted you out because they feared you were packing heat. I think that's why they usually fire people on Fridays, right? Or they thought you were going to steal a printer.

Also, let us know how your mom is doing.


Zayrina - Oh, and none of the others who had their last day today were walked out, either. They must have printers already.
Trisha / Caroline / Trisha - Do you remember what Jesus would say on his blog? "Hellooo...hellloooo..." Caroline - link Trisha to Jesus if you havent already.
Christy - Thank you Christy, for your sincere good wishes.
TasterSpoon - People pack heat on Fridays? Because they're not eating meat? Why?


walked out? My company does that too. Ridiculous, I say. Hope your mum is doing better! What was she doing up at 2:30am?

Hot Mom

Yeah. I had to stay there until 3:45. And no one but Friend #3 escorted me out the door. Then she went and cried on me.


Marriage 101 - Oh, partying. No, she sleeps with a breathing machine, and she wasn't able to put the cap on. At 2:30 she woke up and wanted to give it another try.
Hot Mom - Mom read this and said, "She outed Marcia as a crybaby. What does Marcia have to say about that?"

Friend #3 AKA Moses

I've cried at McDonald's commercials. I've been on the verge of tears in line at the bank. I'm a sap. I am, as my dearly departed mother said after I'd gone through a box of kleenex watching Brian's Song at age 13, "an emotional child". And watching my friends move on to bigger and better things is bittersweet.

I fully own my weepy, tear-stained nature.


Friend #3 - Oooozz a widda biddda cwybeebee?

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