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February 23, 2008


Solomon Broad

Jockey shorts are way more comfortable than boxer shorts.


Maybe I've got a thing for mormons or man girdles, but boxer briefs are hot.


The black ones in a silky-ish material are nice, too. Hotcha.


Boxer briefs are hot. Make him get a pair of black ones, that's even hotter. Not that I know...

Hot Mom

I never would have guessed that Gary had such an attractive stomach and legs. I can see why you like them.


Dare I tell you that my husband whom you think is cute wears these, too?


Solomon Broad - Well, Gary never wore boxers, but he says these Boxer/briefs are considerably more comfy than briefs.
Kathy - Rawr. You know it.
Becs - He has black ones. I know. Hotcha!
Katie - Boxer/Briefs = Hot! Black = hot! Why don't more men know this?
Hot Mom - Actually, looking from bottom to top, the resemblance only fades when you get right above the blue line.
Caroline - Thin ice, woman.


Back when Ryan and I first got together, he wore tighty-whiteys. One day he needed new underwear for some reason and the new ones he bought were those exact same Jockeys, but they were in grey.

I LOVED them (I mean, anything's better than tighty-whiteys!) and praised his new underwear choice profusely. He immediately threw out all his old underwear and now only buys the boxer briefs.

However, they have a new style now, and all I know is that Ryan loves them even more and calls them "The Pouch" and swears by them. "The Pouch" part of the underwear "gives his boys a home"...which apparently is very important. All I care about is that they're cute and make his butt look good.


These are my favorite men's underwear, too. It's been a losing campaign in my household, though. He owns one pair, which he has only ever worn for the rare Big Date when I too am probably wearing some uncomfortable getup under there. I guess some men like their spurs to jingle jangle.

Amy in StL

Hmmm, I'm just not a fan of the boxer brief! They look too much like briefs that have decided to be more chaste. Plus, if a man is wearing dress pants that are thinnish, you can see a line on their thigh when they walk or sit crossing their legs. It's creepy.


Faythe - Huh. I don't want Gary's boys to be homeless.
Tasterspoon - It's almost unanimous...
Amy - You rebel! One anti-b/b vote. On the other hand, you are holding firm against the visible panty line.

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