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February 06, 2008



Congrats on the new job! I'm excited for you! I let out an "Aiee!" while reading, but I kept it quiet, so as not to embarrass you in front of your new cool employers.




Whoa! So cool! You are so smart. Best of luck, go kick some transitional ass, and, uh, party on.


Catherine the Red

I am nearly speechless. I am SO proud! You are finally leaving that place. That place has not deserved you nor your talent for several years now.
We must celebrate!


Wow! I've always wanted to know someone who worked for Google! Do you get free internet searches? Oh wait...

Well congrats anyway! Sounds like a smart move.



I've thought about looking for a new job lately but I'd have a difficult time leaving my hometown.

If we're living here, I'm perfectly happy with my job. We've just always talked about moving to San Diego.

Hot Mom (aka Friend # 2)


Oh. Wait. You already did.

Welcome to The Corporation...

Vaguely Urban

It will no doubt move up to #1 place to work once you're there to delight and entertain everyone. Congratulations!


Ooooh! I'm jealous! I'd love to have a new, more exciting, tongue-pierced, cool kind of job. Do they need anyone with great administrative skills and a phone voice to die for?

Friend #3 (AKA Moses)

Joshua (AKA Hot Mom) shall lead the way. I shall look longingly at the Promised Land. :-)

In the immortal words of that American Idol contestant whose "friends" told him he sounds like Paul Robeson: Let my pipple goooooo.


CONGRATULATIONS! And may I say-I'm so jealous. I want to leave my current job for more moola and something exciting.


17.5 years is a lot of years.
and 5 years with no raise is also a lot of years.

good decision.

even if hot new company ends up being a jerk and leaving you with more than mouth herpes...good decision.


I'm so excited for you! Promise you won't start off by sexually harrassing people.


Rachelskirts - Aiee! But, I'm not at the new place yet. Not for another week or so.
Kathy - Thanks!
Becs - Do it fast, like a bandaid.
Catherine the Red - Ah! I should have called you first!
Candy - Well, Google's #1. I'm not up at that level.
ajooja - But ... OUR zoo is free.
Hot Mom - We don't call it jumping. We call it taking a long-term consulting position at a nearby firm.
Vaguely Urban - Well, today I did recommend to my co-workers that Mitt Romney not get his sacred underwear in a twist.
KC - Ooo - I'll keep an eye out.
Friend #3 (AKA Moses) - You will see the promised land someday soon.
Autumn - Be sure to give your current job 17.5 years first. Ha. No, I'm kidding.
melati - Yes! Mouth herpes!
TasterSpoon - Actually, I did that today at the old job. Non-creepy New guy said "Too. Much. Information."


This is super awesome news - congratulations!


Catherine - Well, we shall see. I just had to say goodbye to the elegant founder of the company, and it made me quite sad.


Congrats on the move! I think I know where you're going and it sounds fantastic.


Marriage 101 - Thanks, and it was nice meeting you and Mr. Marriage last Friday.

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