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February 27, 2008



Tsk. Poor baby. Sending virtual chicken soup your way and hope Gary steps up to the plate and abandons his weird dieting ways.

Feel better soon.


Dude, that is so bad for you. What are you thinking??


oooohhh... that's sick. Hope you feel better soon. On the bright side? EIGHT POUNDS. Wow...


oooohhh... that's sick. Hope you feel better soon. On the bright side? EIGHT POUNDS. Wow...


Oh good lord, I hate being that sick. Eight lbs? Start drinking some electrolyte stuff, Pedialyte or gatorade.

Hope you feel better soon.


Ohhhh, I'm so sorry to hear that. I was doing penance for all the cheese and chicken livers and white bread and tiramisu I've been eating in the last two weeks, and yesterday ate 15 servings of fruits and vegetables before run club.

It is the worst running experience I've ever had. I had to "find a dumpster" twice and walk the rest of it, and crawled into bed at 9:30.


Jebus. So one of your spiritual wishes is for good health? Interesting choice.

That's way better than the 6 bite diet though. You know, effectiveness wise. I hope you feel better soon, go drink some pedialyte or gatorade.


Poor baby. Sending virtual ginger ale and saltines your way.


Becs - Thanks. They say this flu only lasts 2 days. I'm felling better tonight.
Candy - What! Like I did this on purpose? Ha!
sue - All water, though.
Zayrina - I keeping thinking to buy Gatorade, but I can't find it at TeddyJ. Just a lot of water.
Tasterspoon - I love "find a dumpster." I don't care what it really means, it is replacing "drop the kids off at the pool."
Katie - No, not diet related - I'm looking at the bright side of the flu! I can see how I make no sense after eight pounds of water (thats four gallons of water) have left my system. Through my colon. Uninterrupted.
Jammies - Thank you. Actually we don't drink ginger ale or Gatorade, just white soda.

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