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February 15, 2008



Dude. I would so rather eat lard from a dead animal than lard that had been liposuctioned. But that's just me. And I have a cow heart in my brain, so I'm not too discriminating.


Just popping in to say I'm catching up... (finally)... and was soooo jealous to hear about the whole cruise and related exploits! You lucky woman, you!!

Good luck with the next new diet... and congrats on the new job! Looking forward to hearing nothing but good about it!


What's up with Gary always trying to put the two of you on wacky diets?


Katie - Sure, always thinking about yourself instead of the self-esteem of cows.
Sue - Actually, the new diet has been supplanted with the "Six-Bite" diet. All meals cannot be more than six bites. They don't have to be vegetarian.
Melissa - Mom read your comment and asked, "Has this woman SEEN you and Gary?"


While I'm not going to remark on whether or not you need to be on some sort of diet, my comment was inquiring about all the WACKY diets Gary keeps selecting for you. How about just cutting calories and exercise? And, did you tell your mom that yes, I have seen you?


Is there a maximum number of meals per day or a minimum amount of time between them? Because I'm perfectly content to say I just ate 10 meals in the last 30 minutes.


Melissa - Sure, I told Mom. Do you think I'm hiding the cruise from Mom? Like Erin? (Hi Erin!) And, he did use the term "portion control," he just likes the name "Six Bite Diet" better.
Caroline - I asked, and Gary said if you'd skipped breakfast and lunch you could have an 18-bite dinner.

Friend #3 AKA Moses

18 is the Hebrew numeric symbol of "life". Perhaps there's a little bit of Moses in Gary. Well done, my brother! :-)

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