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February 03, 2008



Ahhh! I left after American pie..I didn't see the undies come out. I actually was worried for Steve. He was kinda.... wacked out? I was too far to see his periscope go up.. Thank God, I think? Great pics! Funny blog!


Kelly - You know, I just watched the YouTube video and he did seem pretty drunk on that one. As I recall, at the time, he was quite alert. And, well, we have photographic evidence that he could not have been that drunk.


I was on the 2nd level on the Lido deck to the left of the stage, and even I could see the schlong. Breathtaking.


Thank you, thank you, for the pic of my beautiful Alan. I can even forgive him for singing songs with lyrics like "I'm not ready to say I love you yet." (shmuck. Oh. Did I say that out loud?)


Yikes. But it sure looks like you had a good time! Just what, like 364 more days until the next one.

When do we get to see the nekkid picture or is there a complete penile embargo?


Yeah, what Katie said.


Kate - How do you think they'll deal with it on the DVD?
Becs - Yeah, BNL doesn't have lyrics like that.
Katie and Becs - Well, I'd have to unpack it, then I'd have to scan it. I've looked, and I still can't find me. There were 1,000 people this year instead of 500, so we are all twice as small.

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