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February 28, 2008



Any chance you might start finding puppy poop in the living room?


~~Silk - I don't know. So far, the new puppy has been very, very good. Better even than the old one.

Friend #3 AKA Moses

I just hope Pharoah doesn't give me a hard time until I get to Canaan.

Damn this Jewish guilt thing.

Friend #3 AKA Moses

Er... I'm sorry. Did you say International Travel puppy?

Friend #3 AKA Moses

I don't know that I can properly take credit for cooking it, although I've often said nothing changes if nothing changes. :-)


Gee, *I* want an International Travel puppy.

Friend #8  AKA The Cat

After reading this, I can't get this song out of my head:

"How much is that dooooggy in the windooow... ARF ARF!"


If Friend #0.5 is Mormon, that would REALLY be funny...


Way back when you had man-bitch, did he go to the promised land? Is he there now? That would be excellent...

Hot Mom

Man bitch is not in the promised land. He's in his own private Idaho, I think.

International Travel Puppy? I want one.


Damn, I didn't realize one of the puppies was international. Of course, I'm in Friend #2's litter, and that's plenty exciting for me.

Friend #3 AKA Moses

But supposedly we're all going to be in the same kennel, so yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy us!


All this post does is make me want a puppy. Literally.


Friend #3 - Oops - I forgot - it was ITP at the other litter. Nevermind. We already have two ITP here.
TasterSpoon - All this talk has made me want to travel too.
Friend #8 - About two grand a year, in my case.
Christy - Oh, damn! I even have a Mormon friend who was left behind. And friend 0.5 isnt even Native American.
Autumn - Ah, no, man-bitch escaped early, as they said.
Hot Mom - One of the breeders was going to London, but it was taken away at the last minute. Sad.
Caroline - Oh, fine. My litter is more challenging.
Friend #3 - Snort. Kennel. Well, maybe. I thought I heard we'd all be there, but evidently every litter is saying that.
ariel - Ha! Or "Litterally."



I'm gay, female, and Jewish but noooooooo you gotta make fun of my height!!!!!


Yeah, they pulled the bait and switch with me at my new job so I am definitely lost. :(


#0.5 - Sure, your height is a choice. You could wear heels.


Do you really think heels would help? I do wear thick-soled doc martins-type shoes!


#0.5 - Are the soles three inches thick?

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