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February 07, 2008


Friend #3 AKA Moses

Not to put too fine a point on it, but (bearing in mind that we have New Guy within earshot and I didn't want to create another CFG) I actually said "Your colon is full of *crap*."


Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, these stories can not only live on and be enjoyed by others, but they can be CORRECTED, too. ;)

Either way, it's funny.


I must ask what is in the "special fried rice" and your friend is right. Egg drop soup is fully cooked, otherwise you wouldn't see the egg at all. It would just be a big bowl of snot.

Hot Mom (aka Friend # 2)

MMMM. Big bowl of snot. Yummy.

I was there. Friend # 3 definitely said "crap." It was funny too.


Snot soup. Thanks for that visual.


Love special fried rice. I'm sorry you can't partake. :(


Friend #3 - Feh - New Guy is a thorn in my side.
wyo - Neh - "crap" is funnier. The "K" sound is funny, they say.
Candy - Well, I looked photos because EDS from this place does look like Snot Soup. It does not look like Google Images EDS. (And I think that Snot Soup image is perfect).
Hot Mom - Well, damn. I;m hearing things again.
Tammy - Snot soup with a side of phlegm, please.
Ajooja - It's just the SFR from the Mexican/Chinese place by work. And only since I started the experimental drug. Seriously.


God, I miss you guys. I haven't had an unproductive day in months. Or Chinese.


Caroline - Aw. We miss you...

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