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February 05, 2008



Hold the phone....butterflies eat lemons? Who slices the lemons for them? Or do they have suckers like mesquitos?


That's a lot of naked people all in one place. Were you blinded by the sheer whiteness all around you? Has no one heard of spray on tan?

Come on, admit it, Gary's the guy right in the middle, right?


Melati - to get a variety of butterflies on the butterfly farm, they have to cater to some foreign butterflies, including those that usually eat fermented rotted fruit that has fallen on the forest floor. Slicing lemons must be easier than letting them rot off a tree.
Or, in answer to your question, yes, butterflies have big stingers like mosquitoes.
Katie - Guy in the middle is the cruise juggler on his unicycle. (His big quote: "What unicycle?")

Hot Mom (aka Friend # 2)

Your toes are HOT!


Hot Mom - You know it.

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