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February 26, 2008



It's like a Catch-22, but I think often it's the majorities who are more offended by the overly-direct remarks, than the minorities for whom the remarks/questions/etc. are intended. (Please note that I used a word like "majorities" rather than "my fellow honkies").


I prefer to be what I call "color-indifferent" (using 'indifferent' with the older meaning not of apathy but of no personal, selfishly motivated interest) -- in that I know and acknowledge differences of race, culture and ethnicity but beyond that I don't think a lot about it. Sometimes I'll ask about something (food, for instance, or if I run across a holiday or some other cultural tidbit on Wikipedia) but I try my best to see my own race, culture, and ethnicity in the same way. I mean, honestly, how many people understand the nuances of real cornbread? It's foreign food to so many ;) Those who grok real corn bread (not that sugary sticky stuff passed off as corn bread) are my brethren, no matter their skin or eyes or accent.

So far, it's worked pretty well. I'll keep using it until I come up with something better.

Hot Mom

Color-apathetic. Nice, Sherri.

That's me. Of course, I figured out that I'm probably a good Hot Mom when my kids, who were entrancing me with tales of Rosa Parks, asked me "What's a black woman?"


Christy - Well, I tested the waters today, after a fellow new employee said she was hired as part of the diversity program. I think I was okay.
Sherri - I see the real cornbread as a butter delivery system, like grits.
Hot Mom - You are a good Hot Mom!

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