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February 19, 2008



That post made my head hurt.

You're really serious about this music thing huh? The answer may be, there is no answer. Have you prepared for that?


yeah. equally clueless.

Friend #3 AKA Moses

Oh. My. God.


"'Hand me a Kleenex' doesn't necessarily mean Kleenex brand. Brand names get a good reputation as a result of two things: consistent quality and marketing. One without the other doesn't equate to staying power or success in the marketplace."

(From Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office, a gift which I never opened until today. The first five sentences are a strange riff on genericized brand names that has nothing to do with the rest of the paragraph or chapter.)


Hey, I did that Meme yesterday (the first one). Though my book was, um, entertaining, and not totally incomprehensible.

(I thought of you today when my neurosurgeon told me I didn't have MS unless it was invisible, it immediately made me think of your Elmer Fudd lesion. I told him I couldn't have MS, I didn't suddenly want to listen to and play music, and he looked at me all strange. As it turns out, your blog is not a neurology textbook. Weird, right?)


Candy / Becs /Friend #3 - Well, I didn't understand it either. The answer must be hidden in the previous 122 pages.
TasterSpoon - Perhaps this meme should specify it be a work of fiction.
Katie - Well, that clinches it. I should have searched for some non-fiction. And someday, the neuro textbooks will catch up with me.

Hot Mom

Fine. Sigh.

"'...The younger ones out before the elder are married!-Your sisters must be very young?'
'Yes, my youngest is not sixteen. Perhaps she is full young to e much in company. But really, Ma'am, I think it would be very hard upon younger sisters, that the should not have their share of society and amusement because the elder may not have the means or inclination to marry early.'..."

Too bad I didn't have porn sitting beside me on the desk...

Friend #3 AKA Moses

"...The differences may sound esoteric, but they're utterly divergent approaches, with completely different effects. A Keynesian would want temporary tax cuts aimed at the middle and the bottom, while a supply-sider would prefer permanent tax cuts aimed mostly at the top. Bush's tax cut was in the supply-side mold."

Yeah. My reading taste is that bad, but it's nice to have some ammo at hand when you're dealing with a loquacious, post-graduate degreed Archie Bunker.

At least for now...


Hot Mom - Pride and Prejudice. Very nice.
F#3 - Bleeeaaaah. GOD we are boring.

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