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February 11, 2008



I used to love Kathy. But about a year or two ago, she just stopped being funny. And the plastic surgery has not done her any favors. What happened to her hubby? I thought he was a long-term love. Well..maybe in Hollywood.


I love Kathy Griffin. (I know she's young and hip and all, but given the choice between Kathy and Sarah Silverman, I'd go with Kathy, hands down.)

I don't put too much stock in what comedians say, given that it's their job to be "controversial", but I guess she didn't get the memo that we don't pick on Britney anymore.

Did she mention Oprah's va-ja-ja? There's comedy gold right there? Overused, but still funny. (The joke, I mean.)


That probably should be spelled "va-jay-jay" (I guess?).


[comment that both Steve Wozniak and Joseph Smith were Freemasons deleted]

Hot Mom (aka Friend # 2)

I didn't say she was mean. I just said that I don't think she's funny. I think she's annoying.

That's all. Sorry to have disturbed you. I'll just sit over here and be heartless...


My sis had MS and used to say "I don't know why they call it handicapped. It's not handy to me!" She also liked to call herself a gimp. But that was my sis, who was quite nuts - just like me.


Becs - Oh, no Becs, the husband had a gambling problem and withdrew 70K+ from Kathy's ATM.
Kathy - NO mention of the Most Powerful Va-Jay-Jay.
Christy - Ha!
Hot Mom - Thank you for that clarification. Friend #2 said "Mean," You said "Annoying."
Suebob - I prefer cripazoid.


My friends and I saw her perform here at the Wiltern maybe two years ago. It was as hilarious as I expected it to be.

Afterwards in the lobby I saw Kathy's Mom, Dad and one of her gays. Several audience members came up to her parents to say hi, and from what I could see they were nothing but gracious. I wanted to say something to them but I chose not to, and now I kind of wish I did, because her parents seemed so nice and funny. I miss her Dad. :(

Friend #3 AKA Moses

#3 said she's mean. I also said she's not funny. And she's not. At. All. And WHAT is the attraction to Sarah Silverman? She's about as funny as a used tampon.


*waving hi to everyone*

Sorry I've been MIA. Working 60 hours a week will do that to a girl.

I don't have any strong feelings about Kathy Griffin. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I don't. Small doses, I guess. Sarah Silverman? I don't get it. I've never been able to handle more than a minute of her, and I've never once laughed.


Caroline - Sarah Silverman is not funny. Kathy Griffin is.


I have a thyroid condition, too (and way badder than Oprah's, I'd be willing to bet). From what I've read, you only get to blame 10 pounds of your weight gain on your thyroid. The rest of it is what you did on your own, with that tub of ice cream and bucket of deep-fried cheese.

Well, that's how it happened to me.


wyo - Dang! I, like many, have pined for the mild thyroid condition that would be an excuse for sixty pounds of fat AND and excuse to take whatever drug thyroiders take that makes them lose 10 pounds. My fantasies are destroyed.


Who cares if Britney is bi-polar. I say that if you are willing in the public eye you are open game


Elwood - (Welcome, Elwood) I think if you're in the public eye you're open game, just as all of us are fair game. People gossip and judge if you know them or not. But the rules of humor still apply on the large scale as they do on the small: It's just funnier when the people who are being ridiculed can change their behavior. Now, that said, have you seen the Funny or Die thing with Hitler and Sarah Palin? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IzNPEGWNos
Kills me thinks they were making fun of her child, not her.

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