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February 17, 2008



*laugh* I found out a few years ago that one of my relatives... well let's just say there was a LOT of bootlegging in MY Irish family. With false passages, buried gold, FBI watches, and everything.


Man, I wish my family had secrets. Our biggest scandal is that my grandma converted to Catholicism and then got her parents to convert, but her brother never did. To this day it's an issue between them. The horror!

And Kim, I totally wanted to grow up and be Nancy Drew and use hidden passages.


That's awesome. The coolest thing my family has to say for itself is that we live in the city in the book The Grapes of Wrath. We don't even know where our families are from.

Oh, and my mom's maiden name is Goon. That's cool, right?


Does that make you a thug-in-law?


You have been tagged. Look: sabineofgermany.typepad.com



Kim - (Hi Kim! I'm reading ArchPhoenix) My Irish Mob could beat up your Irish Mob, I bet. Evidently there was a mob called "Egan's rats," which is funny if you think of Mayor Egan from Florissant.
Caroline - But, I know you visited Casa Loma when you were in Toronto. Didn't you use the secret passage there?
Katie - Goon? That is awesome.
Zayrina - Ha! It does now.
Georgia - I love being tagged! And I looked and it seems like the easiest meme ever. Thanks


*looking back at Irish family ancestors*.... hmmm... that could explain a lot.


That last line totally reminded me of Carroll O'Connor in "Return to Me." That's excellent.


Autumn - Good, because I thought it was too reminiscent of Kathy Griffin.

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