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February 21, 2008



And who would blame you, you poor thing!


No emergency milk-eggs-bread run?


If you'd posted this earlier in the evening I could've brought you something. My client is feeding us so well at lunch that I'm bringing leftovers home for dinner and still having leftovers from that. In addition to BBQ beef and pork, we currently have about a dozen frosted brownies and several generous sized pieces of cheesecake.


When I worked at Mighty Citadel, it was all cake, all the time.

At Unnamed Co., they're big on ice cream bars.

I am, like, totally cake-deficient at the moment.


Oh and tell Gary that no deliveries means the delivery guys won't make any money that night and their children will starve.


My work does "Thank you Thursday" every week and buys some sort of treat for all the employees to munch on. Yesterday it was fried chicken. I was so happy; I hadn't eaten dinner before going into work and was starving. I sat and devoured 3 fat breasts during my break...yummmmm.


Judith - He actually did bring food home today. It's one of his few responsibilities.
Kathy - Sheets! Of! Ice! I know everyone gets eggs / bread / milk when it snows, but these were Sheets Of Ice.
Caroline - Too little, too late. Well, not too little.
Becs - I will think of the starving children.
Melissa - If former job had bought me fried chicken every Thursday I might still be there.


No jury would convict you.


Candy - they would help me.

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