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February 23, 2008



Damn, your MS was pretty time accommodating with that insurance, wasn't it?

And the red marks are probably burns from her pants being on fire. Though you should totally explain the situation to your neurologist and ask about the red marks. And record the conversation for us to hear.


This is scary, because I remember watching Anna and rooting for her to win Tony back long before I was ever aware of wtf MS is.

And the song on her MySpace is by last year's American Idol runner-up, Blake Lewis.

I know, I need a life.


Another way to get on the Medical Fast Track is to walk into the Doc in the Box where they normally ignore you and say, "I have a lump under my arm. No, really. It's like I'm growing a third boob."

Like it's not hard enough to find a good bra to begin with?

As it turns out, the doctor couldn't diagnose it but gave me some antibiotics in a "the hell?" gesture. I came home and Googled the symptoms - Cat scratch fever! No, really. What that poor girl paid to go through med school....And it's all on the Interweb...


Katie - ISN'T IT? It's the best insurance story I know. When I called and asked if they'd cover the Avonex, the insurance company didn't turn a hair, even though I teased the agent about how I'd only just started.
Jammies - Did they ever mention the MS after the first year she was on? I never saw her have an exacerbation. Or, you know, pee on herself.
Becs - I have heard that Cat Scratch fever is pretty uncommon. Did you hallucinate?


I have MS and you expect me to remember? *giggle* No, actually, I don't think they did mention it again. She certainly never fell into an azalea bush or flung pens uncontrollably across the room or peed herself. Erm, not that I have done any of those things, either...


Jammies - Peeing oneself is the greatest challenge an actress can face.

jessica fantastica

Hello Queen! Your 5 stages of grief reminded me of this clip http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5599653831384737938&q=giraffe+robot+chicken&total=76&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0
Unfortunately you must watch about 30 seconds of commercial before the video. Fortunately it's worth it. Hope you feel better soon...you're one of my most favorite new blog finds, so I need you up and posting! ;)


Jessica fantastica - Ha! That video was hysterical. ESPECIALLY the depression stage.

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